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J. P. Gerdeman

Musings on software development

Recently in an article in Dutch publication “Webwereld”, Drupal advocates and developers Bèr Kessels and Larry Garfield stated that while Drupal 7 is an awesome CMS, it is not a project founded on good principles. The reasons for that are political (“Drupal developers are harder to herd in one direction than Linux kernel developers”) and stem mainly from the large group of noobs that is the user base.

For Drupal 8 the Drupal government opted for some radical changes, which Kessels described as “Glorious”. Backwards compatibility for one will be lost. Drupal’s membership in the PHP Standads/Interest Group (PIG) will also effect further decisions. Drupal 8 will require PHP5.3 and implement PIG Standards like the autoloader and the orm-api. Drupals Membership in the CMF working group has furthered another radical decision. Drupal 8 will be based of an existing framework. None other than Symfony 2.


Edit: Just to make it clear. This was an april fool’s day joke!